Saturday, 11 June 2011

Revelation of truth has a reflective
Beauty, a person needed to walk
On the thorny path, bare foot, the
Sensation of pain when becomes
Zero, cactus blooms with aesthetic
Touch with flamboyant shades, the
Short-term conflict between us was
Nothing than superlative complex,
A desire to win the universe by
The muscles, money, dogma didn’t
Work, a pure smile of love changed
The complete life, on the bleeding
Battlefield victorious king had no
Escape, before the heart he routed,
On the dead silence, the perception
Penalized millions times, he cried
With dried eyes, confessed the error,
The glow of crown was impermanent
In the darkness, he searched eagerly,
The soul rejected the dominance,
With empty hand, he left the planet,
The screams of wounded emotion
Didn’t left chasing him, innocent
Painful cry had no ammunition but
It killed him consistently whole the life,
The death in installments was the
Severe punishment, though heart
Followed the path of peace in the end,
Did he salvaged the lost soul, it’s a
Question of mystery, hidden in the mist,