Friday, 29 July 2011

aghast eyes, saw your modified face,
did you exchange the conscience, this
angelic look says life is beautiful, just
touch to pulsation of heart softly, feel
the moisture on the dark circle of eyes,
I have seen the valleys of rare blooms
often cockle in your persona with love
and peace, chortle of youth, innocent -
laugh of kids playing on the street's
backlog rain water, a raw beauty of life,
did you gaze the monsoon sky, covered
by thick dense clouds, drop of emotion
had its own pathetic tale, several times
it flown from forehead to down the chest,
in the twilight someone collected few -
reasons for survival, shared the elation,
dream had no monopoly, night scattered
darkness equally on the earth, the blues
spent the eternal beauty into the heart,
from acropolis to slum, fireflies inherent -
aesthetic land, let lit the candles of love,