Friday, 1 July 2011

Nine days’ wonder

Nine days’ wonder shouldn’t be
Affection, life is short it’s true
Compliance never drenched in a
Wet night, beneath the earth
A massive blaze travels in branch,
Sub branches, the pulsation of
Heart create new dreams, every
Moment has its own beauty, in
In your love, life desires whole the
Sky, bounty of nature is unique,
Just now, it’s raining, in a wink sun
Appears with full of vigor, vitality
In the tiny drop let of cascade
Millions imminent rainbows are
Hidden, needed to touch the soul,
Some aspect of emotions were
Unexplored objectives, they said
Preserving the love is not the
Truth of life, it wishes to scatter on
The deprived landscapes, to leave
The print of freshness, my love
Doesn’t know the shrinkage, don’t
Makes only corporal bonding,
It free from expectation, a feeling
To touch the wounds on others
Body with shivering hands, wet eyes,
The endless method goes beyond
Your persona, translucent relations
Don’t wait the darkness, it’s a
Dissimilar perception, out of general
Description, just realism of beauty
Moves abundantly to love everybody,