Wednesday, 28 December 2011


in the end of night, in this way sneer of destiny !
never did I think, when the collapse of 
dreams was occurred, I was very 
lonely, scattered house of 
playing cards said the
it's life my friend,
just take it, in 
easy way, 
not the only one in the world the victim of 
incubus, millions stars often lost 
the path, goes to extinction 
in the dense darkling  
of silence, the 
high waves 
instantaneous, their world was on the surface !
though they tried to touch the blues, 
here I'm optimistic, love to see
the dream, never mind if it 
break again and again, 
the returning low 
tide explained
though tonight I couldn't touch your lips but it's
not the end of seen, back again to love
you, it's promise, the pieces of 
oysters, snails, conchs, the
marine weeds, the coral !
all the memories of 
some moments 
your body, just decorate the outer planet, the 
inner has been submerged into my 
fragrance of eternal affection,
in your breath my soul is
lost, willingly or in
unwanted way 
you haven't
the option to go away it's natural dear coast !