Wednesday, 21 December 2011


half risen moon above the indigo lake, 
dampy moonlight scattering the 
propensity of love, affection,
in this tramp night, the 
emotion becoming 
the tarnished
hero of 
just keep little distance between the 
blooming trees, the thirsty deer 
need the clear trail to reach
on the silvery stream, 
madhuca indica -
flower's nectar
falling drop
by drop !
dreams are emerging with new look 
from the passionate pores, just
remained adjoining to the 
heart, life has half 
awakening as 
a tuberose 
let it be
completely matured, touch me in a way
that perpetual fragrance to be 
sustained for the endless,
rebirth with the inner 
angelic beauty
of full human,
a rare 
oblation on the feet of invisible creator !