Monday, 26 December 2011


that ethereal, strange luster, often removes
body, and life, from your arm's grip,
the sleeping eyes hadn't the 
sense, in very charming 
way somebody had
snatch the soul 
from your 
affectionate chest, and while you didn't
know, where gone that illusion in 
a moment, dysfunction body 
couldn't see that entity,
though in the mid 
night now the 
fragrance moves from valley to mountain
as nomadic desire, your have been
reached on the rapture of hylic 
need, but for me it's the 
sleepless night  just
endless waiting 
for the 
insatiate soul left me, after embarrassing 
you in a extreme point of beauty, a 
celestial cascade of lights, but 
the emptiness remained on 
the heart, though I know
your love has the 
natural purity 
of nectar,
so, the life here again returns back to near 
you, the stable colored clouds now 
getting motion as the flock of 
unknown birds flying above
the horizon line, the 
dawn knocking
the door 
slowly I covered the blanket on your body,
perhaps the soul had back long ago,
apocalypse attraction may be 
failed to grasp it, or your 
love has defeated all
the illusive magic,
now persona 
is laying 
you, looking to your face with adoration !