Thursday, 19 January 2012

the midnight rain brings the obsessive
feelings with seductive emotion,
that’s natural, night blooms
often, unfolds the whorl
of petals to release the
ceased fragrance,
wavy breath
touches to
your presence closest to the body and
soul , underlines the immortality of
love, the last hours of obscurity
invites the inner illumination,
all the exposed or roofed
solitude suddenly
reflects the
the outer unattractiveness becomes
inferior than the aesthetic beauty
of heart, this organic appeal
into the darkness makes
the illusive world of
boondocks, the
passion goes
back to
primitive era, the coating of culture
falls down one by one, the flame
of wood or inner blaze of
genesis becomes the
reciprocal reaction,
all the hatred,
rich and
divine or atheist, classical or jargon, all
the lingua franca here understands
only one language, balancing
equation of male and
female, the most
beautiful art
of hidden
the living creation in the sequence of
genetic truth, perhaps the mystery
of life, immense acceptance
and all-inclusive disperse,
if you think everything
would be yours,
otherwise the
world is
not bigger than the floating bubbles,