Tuesday, 7 February 2012


the flaccid flameless, the emotional hearth,
several  times the snowfall night too, 
couldn't bring the trembling souls 
near to each other, in the life, 
sometimes desires to 
get more, remains
secondary as 
scale, bones, shells thrown by the tides -
on the drenched edge, often feeling
suffers by asphyxia, on that 
moment the circle of 
chest looses the
 impact of 
the voidness goes through the nerves 
to mind, the dreams converts in
the incubus, whereas the 
corporal planet hangs
to zero, life didn't 
find the space
for satiating,
this deficiency searches the perfection 
of love, virtually life chases the 
mirage, rejects the reality, 
before the dawn, the 
exhausted body 
and soul 
in the last, tries to emerge from the 
sufferings, somewhere divinity
rises from the frozen sea,
the soft ray of the sun 
changes the color 
from golden 
to silver, 
here life offers the oblation of desires 
to the overflowed waves of 
infinite depth - - 

photo -sun rise in frozen sea