Friday, 10 February 2012


might be precedence of life was
somewhere related to you,
loving wasn’t meant
that others task
had lesser
the cries of destitute, the groan
of oppressed spirit, didn’t
let me to sleep in the
lap of dream, the
worn out body
and sound
of whip,
all together chased the silence of
night, the late night scream
often emerged from the
deserted street, tariff
of sleeping on the
footpath was
very high,
in the cruel winter night, life
itself accepted the strip,
no other option relics
on the palms, it’s
ruthless but
survival in the world wasn’t so
simple, the ritual of planet
have no charity, for
getting a little,
many times
a person
has to
pay more than requisite, for some
pieces of loaf I have seen
the abuse of child, the
passion to change
the law of
made the crazy emotion, soul
died numerous times prior
to the body, on those
moment your love
was the salve,
the cool
sensation of sandal wood, perhaps
that’s reason, after frequent
selling of injured persona,
consciousness never
dies, life often
as revival from the previous
birth ! on the centre of
your breast, the
takes the refuge for a night, to
recovery from the live
wound, I know in
the edge of your
lips, existed
the venomous darkness couldn’t
be able to gulp me, life has
still some incomplete
commitment, even
if life is short,
it’s difficult
to get rid of your illusive affection,