Sunday, 5 February 2012


 EVER  - - 

even if you want to break it, you can't do that,
ligament of emotion may be delicate, 
resilient, its never detach in a
jerk, gain and lose are the
two aspect of single 
coin, just like 
after rain 
the sun light, suddenly surprised to nature,
the effects of my love was how much 
deep or shallow, I do not know, 
but a familiar, own reflective 
odor, I have felt in your
breath, the silken 
thread woven 
those dreams submerged into the persona, 
in a way that, you can desire someone, 
you can not even, a resonance will
chase you every moment, you
will be not able to corrupt 
the touched delicate 
emotion, an
unseen pain would be appeared on the 
heart, it's very difficult, be removed
from the body and soul, my 
shadow has assimilated
your individuality in a 
way that, required
upcoming birth
to rid from 
addiction of my love, believe or not, it's
eternal truth - - -