Wednesday, 22 February 2012


the transient night, century old
thirst, how to dwell the firm
sand castle on the coast
of agitated emotion,
who’s calling
from the
life pursuing endlessly to touch
the wet echoes, across the
fragranced feeling of
your love nothing
remains to
then why extinguished flame
still indulged into rising
fumes, the delusion
of dreams pulls
one side
stoicism holds another end, the
perception goes through
the mosaic labyrinth,
the soul tries the
liberation from
the web of
knowingly that on that particular
destination except the cipher
nothing is found, however
the golden antelope
doesn’t care the
trap, it runs
and runs,
unknown to the target of seeker,
life here searches to get the
escape corridor, release
from seductive replica,
freedom from all
the affection,
follows the mid path of realism,
the end of night brings you
rapidly more near to
heart, sentiment
returns losing
all the ego,
cerebral philosophy becomes –
extinct at last - -