Tuesday, 21 February 2012


realism of life wasn’t so spectacular,
every step had have the confront,
the graph of emotion never
passed on the straight
way, the spirit for a
exigent survival,
always said
it’s your
the sun hasn’t the emotion to think
for exhausted traveler, it had to
perform the natural role, no
excuses, the ambition of
heart ended numerous
times, but revived
persistently, on
the night sky
appeared with new definition, few
lingered until the first ray, some
extinct on the eastern blues,
it’s matter of deem, how
much the inner shade
had illuminated,
while giving
out of
light was homogeneous, extensive!
the commitment to fill your
vacuity, to love you with
infinity, all together
created the view
luminous, the
becomes antidote, gets ready to
accept startling effect - - -