Tuesday, 28 February 2012


somewhere amid the night fog, a 
bleak star emerging on the 
cloudy sky, the life 
again needs 
you, if it's
possible for a while, let to be 
open the gazebo of your
numinous eyes, the
random feelings
wishes to be 
in the remote the valleys awake 
with saffrony smile, desires
have gone down in the 
moonlit dreams, like 
confused black 
buck, let to
be lost
the sense of fear in the bushes, 
let's once again, heart wants
tonight, filling your lappet 
by divine flowers, who 
knows, the magic 
of proximity 
again to 
be or not, let the thirsty lips to be 
quenched - - 

Franz Marc, Deer in the Forest. German Expressionist. 1913