Sunday, 18 March 2012


easy to make cry, it's difficult to bring 
the lost  smile, considering this, 
if some moment become
the clown, what's 
the harm,
do not see the color of my face, love
remains in the depths of the 
heart, don't confuse
me in a
dramatic fashion, speak clearly, you 
also need a companion,
life isn't so easy to
live alone,
I know, nothing is happened, just the 
heart is broken, the earth
isn't stopped, 
the glow 
of galaxy not faded, moon hasn't 
changed the direction,
immature dreams
want to 
prolong the night, and that's only one
realism, do not hesitate 
to accept that, 
dear friend, 

Broken Glass by ~maniak70 on deviantART