Monday, 2 April 2012

immaculate beauty of that cognition,
I forget myself for some time,
as a sixth sense or 
has hypnotized my parts of organ, an 
overwhelmed emotion searches
the missing words, or are 
you standing before
me, scattered 
curly long 
hair as the monsoon clouds, is it love, 
or mistletoe, an enchantment 
spell which is going to 
tame my passion, 
who are you, 
in the 
broad daylight throwing the strings of 
fascination, an omission drags
toward the mystic zymosis,
are you sitting on the 
boat, or dream
is going
to navigate toward the deep firth, for 
meeting the mosaic colored 
the strange ocean, 
who're you,
in midnight abnormally knocking the 
door of heart - - - 

 painting by Albert Bierstadt