Wednesday, 4 April 2012

My pain was very trivial - - - 

probably, you didn't feel, the dumb 
pain, the ambush of killer
night, saline touch 
of moonlight 
into the
fresh wound, because, what you 
wanted, you've achieved, 
but my deep miles
long loneliness 
deepened more,and that isolation 
made me the realistic, to
know himself I didn't
left the
householder life, rather accepted 
the defeat, I learned from
failures, identified
learned to walk carefully, whatever 
the definition of Nirvana; but 
that love has shown 
me the path of 
salvation, autism mind was narrow;
hence my love has opened 
the gate for universal 
entry, may be 
I haven't
share on the earth but kingdom of 
sky is extensive, no one can
overthrow him, that 
contained the all-pervading love - - 

Art By Carole Sneddon