Monday, 9 April 2012


may be recluse for tonight, emotions 
are so tired, body and mind 
wants a little rest, 
remove all the pseudo layers, do not 
call me, in the infatuated voice,
let me release, from the 
elusive contract,
I promise, 
before the dawn, I will come back,
nothing is hidden with you, 
my life was an 
open book,
as you
wanted, you've read, underlined, even
highlighted on the body parts 
or the waves of emotion,
as a tamed bird 
I followed,
repeated your tuning, your music,
sang the unknown lyric, as
a chorus the life 
behind your love, even I forget self 
persona, a fear to go in margin, 
an hidden horror of 
sidelined life, 
wishing I couldn't leave your deadly
indulgence, but now drop - 
scene, though I have 
assured you, 
to come 
back, however, that dawn should be 
same with your dream, as
a crystal clear surface 
of love, to see
 the real 
image, perfect combination of body 
and soul, just wait for that 
miraculous morning, 
till then good 
bye - - -

Seattle s Painting