Friday, 11 May 2012


on the auricle wall, no more lattice moonlight,
leafless bougainvillea vine retained some 
pale bloom, even that, chest has
reserved some lip prints,
bustling touch, cozy
feelings, the 
aroma in the crinkle of bed sheet, or pillow 
cover's embroidered flowers scattering,
the ebrious scent, that's image
perceived or invisible 
attachment, in 
the mirror
you, still smiling with compelling dalliance !
the hypnosis mystery of night, wasn't 
hidden in your eyes, isn't true 
that you brought me; in
the land of extreme 
ecstasy; where
life gets 
fire bathe; a completeness of masculinity, it's
so difficult to remove the soul from body,
the endless reciprocal equation 
your love goes through the
breathing all the time;
as the some 
umbra eclipses the persona - - - 

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