Wednesday, 30 January 2013


Reality exists in your heart,
reflection appears 
from the eyes,
the face 
reveals all the truth, you - - 
can't hide the tangle 
of mind,
somewhere, you've lost the 
nights sleep, peace of 
the conscience, 
the value 
of existence, a mirage or 
wandering of the soul,
which is parting 
you, from 
I was before contained, - - 
in your persona, I'm 
still included in 
your breath,
it's different matter that 
you do not know,
but, my love 
is an 
infinite shadow, chases 
day and night!
In sleep 
or awakening every minute, 
every second, I've been
merged in you - - 
* * 
art by Karen Peikert