Monday, 29 April 2013


never wanted in this way, the winding 
up of relationship, in my vision 
your value wasn't only a
little association,
a momentary 
though it's not the complete phase of -
reality, rather half truth, everything 
here, connected with nature, 
maybe, inadvertently 
ever, heart had 
to feel you in the depth of breath, in - -
those passionate moment, the 
sense restraint became
headlong, and I've 
touched you, 
it's not 
mean that, my love turned to the - - - - -
tarnished point, for that silly 
mistake, you can not 
be so heartless,
there should 
be a 
chance to self - repair, nobody in - - -  -
the planet is the pure spirit !
or the perfect human 
being, indeed 
we aren't
final touch of divinity, only a raw clay - - 
pitcher on the hands of 
moving destiny - - 
* * 
dream - unknown source