Friday, 16 August 2013


wouldn't say that, my safe haven 
is in your heart, however, after 
chasing the elusive 
mirage, life 
needs relax for a moment, and -
that insistence, brings me 
near you, again and
again, in your 
feeling -
how much is the culmination of -  
love, difficult to guess ! but
the ineffaceable truth,
you can't deny, a 
soft corner
in your
heart, still existed a few shivery 
spirit, some undying scent,
despite wishing to get 
release, couldn't
go for two 
indeed an invisible chain will tie
your eccentrically legs, going 
away will be fatal, there's
something remained
still between -
us and 
that's reason, sighs emerging - 
every moment for me - - 
* * 
 hyper realistic-hand-paintings by artist Javier Arizabalo