Sunday, 8 September 2013


The growing crime against women in India raises several questions. Though literacy graph is increased. For some extent women are becoming more independent, working in key position, supporting in development of society, in large for nation too. However still they have to face discrimination in routine life, insecurity always remains with them, in office, in street, in travelling even in home. Why Indian society does not changed after 66 years of independence, why orthodox tradition is chained them as a weaker sex ? Answers and logic maybe several. Though we worship woman as a form of goddess with deep faith. But in general we forget to respect them in proper way. 
For women liberation in past there were born so many social reformers, and Bengal particularly leading on them. Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Vidyasagar, there are so many names who were honest supporter of women liberation. In Bengali literature also a revolutionary flow appeared during renaissance of Bengal, and later we got Mahashweta Debi, Ashapurna Debi. Once Bengal has shown the path of social reforms and sowed the seeds of independence. More or less rest of India also influenced in comprehensive way from them. The history pages are full of those names, but why condition of women not changed. While women population covers 49 percent.
Indeed, so called our largest democracy failed to make strict rules regulation for their protection. Even they can not get their actual share in political scenario. Because male dominated society never changed the decomposed mind. In home or out of home women always remained dependent on males. Sometimes women are found prey of another women. Particularly in home many times it is observed that woman creates problem for woman. And that's result, women are facing their identity crisis. Needs an extensive and rapid changes in law to punish the criminals. There should be also a strong bridle on so called fake religious guru or priest without any discrimination of religion. These people are destroying the Indian society in the name of religion. The biggest responsibility goes on the shoulder of political leaders, but they are the most corrupt and criminals. Rape, female feticide, dowry death, domestic violence, sexual assault, list is endless.
Every citizen must raise voice against the injustice of women. We must learn to respect their dignity because they are creator of men. If they will develop, the entire society will progress. Particularly the vigilant women organisations should support strongly. They can change the present insecure scenario because they constitute the half of population of India. We must vote after knowing the quality of candidate in next election.

- Shantanu Sanyal