Wednesday, 30 October 2013


   Everybody presumes my persona with my writing but that’s not correct, My all poetry is based on experiences of surrounding, friends or relatives are existed somewhere there, some reflection of childhood is also in there, No doubt imagination is too strong part of them, The real life and creation both never goes in similar way, Realism has its own beauty but bitter truth creates distress more and I do not want to make unhappy to readers, and that’s reason I love to post pleasing paintings, picture, actually I love painting since childhood, but never got chance to discover myself due to various reason.
    Still in my subconscious somewhere the world of painting is existed with unsatisfied condition. If someone will ask me what I want in next birth, certainly my answer will be painter, but I do not know rebirth is myth or reality. I get the most happiness whenever I paint but those moments are rare. In one point I’m so happy that I got a wife who loves me beyond the imagination, and I love to her more than me, that’s the stronger base for me, and no doubt my children are the most deep point for me. I can not breath without them. Hence sometimes I think, what’s need more after this - - no regret to life.
LEGANT-CALLA-LILY- art by m. baldwin