Saturday, 2 November 2013


the misty morning appeals, a beauty
which’s hidden in your inside,
desires to come out, the
nightmare is over
with darkness,
a fresh
realization is restless in your emotion,
nature filled the aromatic nectar,
the first ray of sun wants
to unfold the delicate
petals of your
heart !
and you’re still sitting near the window
with inclined neck, everything
changes, maybe deep
wounds or broken
pieces of
nothing is impossible once you decide
to get that, just try to look the
gorgeous orchid bloom,
which smiles on
the stem of
rain -
forest tree, near the canopy it creates - -
own world of beauty, though
the clouds never favors
it to get the complete
synthesis with
the sun
but it survives in every condition, that’s
the spirit of survival - -
* * 
art by heade martin johnson