Monday, 9 December 2013


where’s that replete point in the
life, every person moves in
search of extra elation,
even knowing that
nothing will
eternal, even so, feeling of heart
chases the elusive shadow, in
impatient way, maybe amid
the mirage and dream
have a shared
one breaks itself after opening the
eyes, another flees amazingly,
in the seclusion of infertile
land leaving gloom
vicinity in the
body and
on those melancholy moments - -
mind searches the lost, true
love’s fragrance, a refuge
for getting brief  relief,
the query remains
in shrouded of
mist, is it
possible to get back the real love - -
or is it existed, I do not know,
or it’s just a compassion
to bleeding emotion,
or a matter of
self -
deception, whatever, but a person –
finds out the way of survival !

Ziel Shorecliff Painting