Friday, 6 December 2013


drowsy eyes, intoxicating moment,- - -
unseen stroke to body and soul,
don’t know where, sense is
about to fly, proximity 
on the way to full
do not
look me with talismanic glimpse, just -
uphold the passion from spill out,
still the last o clock doesn't
immerse in the scent of
feral bloom, you do
not know yet,
perfectly !
the game of blazing !somewhere you’ll
get the deep injury, this fiery chess –
board has the stirring rules, no
on knows the end point,
do not try to imagine
from mid stream,
the character
of shore
is complicated, just try to sail the boat –
on natural way, waves of affection
needs little persistence - -
Moon-Flower-Abstract by d. misllap