Thursday, 18 September 2014


Do not touch my old wounds, that;
all the pains are slowly drying
away, do not look me
again with the
spirit of
compassion, now I have been - - -
learned to live in the wave
of troubles, indeed
the experience
makes a
person perfect, it's not necessary -
the expression of face is the
real reflection of heart,
many elusive faces,
I've seen in
my life, 
which were something differ inside
and just reverse in outer world,
it's not so easy to read
the inner book !
even whole
life, if you will remain attached to -
someone, I'm sure you can not
touch the depth of the
heart, indeed we
just play
our own created role with pseudo
beauty, now it's a matter of
destiny, who is much
more successful
in acting !

* *
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