Saturday, 18 December 2010


avalanched desires does not wait
for longer, you submerged my
persona in the circle of adoration,
a crystal blaze graphed up to vision,

trees, flowers, branches, twigs, bud
whole the world filled with romance,
we walked on the surface of lunar bliss
wild blooms were burgeoned in soul,

the cascade of mystic colorful flow
curtained our moment of compliance,
we have no hesitation to exchange the
body, heart, emotion, passion, desires
we looked our glittering faces on the
reflection of moonlight, a graceful glow,

drop drop fragrance was dripping down
on the surface hundreds lotus bloomed,
we were no more considered as mammals
in that junction our soul had been the
fire birds, flying far away, touching to the
prismatic rainbow, later we renewed
the physical look as a form of magnificent
bunch of roses dipped in the dew droplets!