Saturday, 18 December 2010


miles and miles the brush
painted the colors of life,
emotions did not agree to
sleep for a while, in all the
pigments, devotion inhaled,
i created dreams on your
soul, it s not only a portrait,

when and how we became
the mixing liquid we do not
know, unusual shades derived,
i sat hours near the window
thinking only for you, a color
of divine, delighted in a way
forgot the face of blue sky,

far away a tiny wild river flows
in th full moon night, your
liberal smile scatters the aroma
weeds bloom looks more
silvery,a magic grip the heart,
in this moments, feelings
becomes genderless,Krishna
and Radha fuse in different
image, the rare persona , just like
an unisex flower creates the
itself the new generation, an
extreme level of love here denies
the myth of science, theories
become the blind hypothesis,

whenever you appeared before
me, i found the dreams are
converted into the gorgeous
fresco, all charms of planet fixed
on your body, i afraid in this
moment to touch you, might be
some dreams are wet, i do not
want the eternal beauty to be disturbed,

painting- Jayant Mukherjee