Saturday, 25 December 2010


whimsy of the nirvana brought
me, on the stairs of the Ganges,
before the offering the sacred
flowers, waters, honey, sandal
the flow of river rejected appeal,

they wanted to see my egos,
depth of heart, the life s hidden
diary, the verification of shadow,
the afraid of exposed the body
and mind, i had no explanations,

the lines of forehead is crossed
to each other in a such way that
unwillingly, mission postponed,
far away in the muddy waters,
the sun was sinking or searching
the way to create the morning in
some other planet, Siddhartha and
Sujata both were looking to each
other, i preferred the middle path,

returned back to my beloved world,
as i have to live in my way, loving
to surroundings, it is my paradise,
might be full of miseries, agonies
but ultimate destination is here, only
among the dark and light faces.
(Siddharth is name of Buddha and Sujata
is a lady who offered the sweet rice during
end of Buddha s meditation )

painting by - JONE BINZONELLI