Wednesday, 30 March 2011


You reside on the crown of providence
the soft ray of dawn tries to touch the
intimacy, as lesser God s children play
on the stairs of darkness, my emotions
have no large space to grow the cyclic
blooming bushes, bonsai plant waits till the
falling of noon to get the scarlet light of Sun!

Unexpectedly your appearance on the
veranda of life gives me a possibility to
love you,in bottom of rejected cavity
dreams have colonized, they wait there
raise hands, your shadow provides them
short term peace, I revive my persona
try to shun the crystalline wet moments!

Your breathing passes through the algae,
microorganism, amoeba, adoration twists
the path of evolution, desires are critical,
amorphous love emerges from reduntdent
well, follows your echoes, chases the heart,

I know, it s not possible to sleep with sweet
dreams, unwillingly your mind thinks for
me, uncontrolled thoughts brings you over
and over to see the depth of hollow space,
I feel that, without any linkage, a strange
waves travel from echoes to heart I realize
that you love me, this trust converts the life
as an infinite religion, I pray, try to get you!