Friday, 6 May 2011

Promised Land

In the search of Promised Land
We had been roaming from
Savannah, Sahara to foothills of
Himalaya towards the ocean end,
Prior to the continental, drift,
I met you in different places, how
Could it said that we have no
Relation, in that grand migration
Near the Jordan River, in the
Beach of Dead Sea I assured you,
The planet would be one day
More beautiful than the paradise,
In corner of pyramid we dreamt
A morning with love and blessing,
In the meeting point of Nile
Moreover, Mediterranean Sea, you
Loved me with completeness,
Later I encountered again in
The valley of Indus, in the lush
Green field, I have seen you in the
Temple stairs of Ganges offering the
Sacred flower to the rising sun,
I heard your divine voice in the
Misty evening, the song of unknown
Sailor of boat, in the stable waves
Whispering, I don’t know, never
Think, you are different from me,
A homogeneous dream among us,
Appealed to live together, the
Reflection of tear, smile, cheerfulness
Depressed face, have no religion,
How could they say, you are not
Related to me, not included in my
Planet, the origin terrain of our
Exodus may be faraway but our
Search for promise land is continue,