Saturday, 30 April 2011


Since that ancient night, when
The earth was detached
From that unknown planet,
For an innovative existence,
My emotion was born
Somewhere in the dust and
Smoke of nebulae, in the
Cipher of the enormous
Universe, your heart moved to
Discover me as a shape of
Torrential rain, millions drops
Of my love rehabilitated your
Desires, as the globe in the end,
Ever since my soul is roaming,
To mobilize the fragmented
Persona, repeatedly incarnation
Gone through in forms of
Season, later I became the sky,
The infinite blaze, an eternal
Profundity never allowed
Me to relax a moment, this
Your illumination given the life
To me, from amoeba to
Homo sapiens, I sow the beauty
Of nature to adorn the
Infertile land, Ab initio my love
Pursued to you, to embrace,
To love you, endless is my phase.
*(from beginning)