Sunday, 8 May 2011


Into the abyss, depth of heart
A gleam, unfading bloom resides,
All the time the grace comes out
From your innocent face, this
Purity reacts magnificently to my
Life, I try to follow path of love,
Peace, tranquility, harmony, it
Gives me a diverse sensitivity, in
The inhospitable condition I feel
The startling tenderness, every
Time, where did you amass the
Beauty of winning heart, I often
Think that, the sweet accompany
Opens the entrance for patience,
The despair, gloom of life goes
Through the process of liquidity,
The series of your illustration
Moves in the wet corona of vision,
Heart searches, immensely your
Unseen kindness in the faces
Of hurt persona, in the discarded
Soul, salinity of tear drops, I don’t
Know, never seen to that icon,
However, it’s true that someone is
Ruling my body, in the subliminal,
That illumination shows the trail
In the subterranean darkness, this
Belief that you love me, never
Allow me to hate anyone, even if
They don’t follow the way of sacrifice,
I have nothing except to share
The love beyond any description,