Saturday, 7 May 2011


Looped fervor, docile sentiments
Before the dusk, the chandelier
Moves, one end to other to touch
Your heart, expects radiant effect,
The creative desires have no rest,
Eccentric creeper tries to enter,
To hypnotize the gloominess of
Life, I know, the seductive touch of
Your eyes, makes an halo to grip
My genteel feelings, this way of
Looking towards my dormant,
Sleeping dreams, I intensely stalk
To your mysterious smile, while
Darkness creates more enigmas,
Moreover your cascaded laugh
Dissolves, the proud, the maleness,
Often I found myself beneath the
Cold flames, unseen ignition effects
The persona, this flouting process
Goes through the inner most, the
Sadism or extreme love brings
Me, near your beautiful planet, I
Become the nebula to merge in
Your unexplored terrain, this flare-up
Makes the natural lake, monsoon
Fills the everlasting thirst, your
Consents blooms in a sequence of
Lotus, the life rotates in axis of love.