Saturday, 7 May 2011


Affection were camphor crystals
Burnt quickly to ash, offering dish
Of deity has no trace of devotion,
Some pieces of sacred rice, flower
Basil leaves, colored powder, wet
Sandal remained on the surface of
Relation, tear drops searches the
Reason, it’s caused by smoke of
Sanctified flames or haunting by
Remembrance, the holy water has
Scattered on the residues, chanted
The hymn consistently by priest, the
Perfumed sticks had limited zest,
Smokes were born liberated, moved
In the parallel of wind, extinct into
The sky, in the skinny darkness of
Twilight, unsatisfied desires wept,
In the neighboring arena unknown
Pyre brings the compassion card, the
Stars have been sank leaving a
Path of nebula, on the banyan tree
Nothing has changed, the horn of
Ferry calls the life, the chimney says
Good-bye, the sound of conch floats
On the glittering, stable river waves,
Gradually ferry disappears, I’m
Before you since centuries, but face
Said, you didn’t identify my existence,
Time has made me rusted, I have
No introduction proof, I’m wanderer,
No, regret for that my beloved friend.