Friday, 24 June 2011


Inclusive serenity prevailed on the
Moonlit vale, as shattered dreams
Looking for a safe surface on the
Lap of mystic night, here I’m
Amassing the diffused glow of love,
Life has its own marked line, bunch
Of seasonal bloom, once you had
Decorated on the lips, chest, close to
Heart, do not want to be wither,
Let pass the sandy tempest, it’s not
The conclusion, I have had to unfold
Many closed chapter of emotion, is
It not possible that before night end 
You must look me just like first sight,
Let again once more time I have to 
Prove the honesty of relationship, its 
Unreasonable  that without listening
Clearance you wishes to declare the 
Prolong punishment for the life time,
Offensive survival would be a live 
Burial for me, a margin please leave
At least that I could appeal for mercy 
Killing, I know still in your eyes have 
A landscape with aromatic blossom 
A cold but severe long breath for me,