Saturday, 25 June 2011

Thunderous sky, layers and layers
Of rain clouds deposited in lower
Ambiance, the darkness emerged
Before the twilight, stimulated the
The sluggish excitement, though I
Had no preplanned desire to cross
The limit of your consent, hearth
Was lit, as the temperature gone
Down, in the lower vale it was
Raining, in a blink it reached over
The tiled roof of bygone era, the
Passionate wet evening looked as
Bottomless night concealing lot
Of beauties, graph of hesitation
Didn’t sustained longer on the top
Of ethical lines, it crashed, dropped
Speedily down amid the warmth of
Breathings, tried to touch the shore
Stone but waves of stormy ocean
Didn’t spare time, on that flimsy
Surface the magnetic needle failed
We hadn’t more choice to accept
Each other’s life, that sinking jointly
Brought back the theory of rebirth,
The shared adoption of pleasure had
The artistic glamour, soaked into
The heavy rain, wet fragrance of love
Filled the vacuumed portion of life,
The hearth fire had the ashes of
Sandal wood or something else, the
Entire night had sweet scented by
The strange perception, as realism
Our souls met tonight in infinite way!