Sunday, 26 June 2011

Yes I’m intransigent man, don’t
Know the art of compromise, the
Life challenges in every step, let
Obstacles break the expedition,
The compulsive language of your
Eyes, creates the enchantment of
Buried treasure unexplored, here
Heart wishes to go through the
Haunted curse, in your love its
Whispered that stones to be adapt
As a crystal of rare beauty, touch
Me in a way that my influences
Would be the philosophers stone,
Hymn of success has to be surface
Equestrians of intense passion
Launched towards the crusades,
Riverbed, thorny path, rift vales, the
Frozen fiord, let the nature has
Deal with me, I’m prepared to face,
The unwanted all the happenings,
Spirited steps do not be stagnate, on
The path of fortitude, courage -
I believe, storm has to move to some
New route, here resides our planet
Of love, a binding for life long
Commitments, a tough wall of trust,
Nobody could smash it’s the relation
Of soul-to-soul, a planet existed
Internal the planet, infinite glow of
Undying love flows day and night.