Monday, 27 June 2011


Perhaps, life needs your presence
In every twist of sentiment, lacking
Makes the persona as a vacant vial,
Containing few drops of condensed
Breathing, habitual to feel you, love
Creates an innovative sense in life,
Blank dream touches to puberty, in
That seized moment, grows poetry!
Have had no control on my heart, I
Often search your reflection in the
Apparent splendor of nature, in the
Soaked roses, dew drop necklace of
Spider web, in the lean thrived twigs,
On the gazing silence of deer’s eye,
Sound of falling pale leaves inspires,
Found a charismatic field around me,
Life waits for you in the downy gloom
Near the dreamy rivulet, under the
Aged mahogany tree, moonlit shade,
The hushed night, unfolded shiny
Sky, dotted thin ivory clouds, slowly
Moving the milky, fourteenth night -
Moon, heart desires to keep the face
On your soft palms, this beautiful
Perception brings me near you, a
Sweet process of adoration grows
Day by day, love you in rampant way!