Thursday, 23 June 2011


Precision to final stroke postponed
As sculpture of life has brittle edge,
Chiseling the persona is not so easy
Affair, a fear always persistent that
Might be slight negligence will break
The entire statue, molding your love
Accordingly the heart, I failed many
Times, the color of surface doesn’t
Reflects the realism of eternal depth,
The thin coating of gold whenever
Washed out the ornament looks, life-
Less an object, somewhere we have
To give up the dreams to proliferate,
Space to breath in its own way,after 
That if you wish, exchanging of body
Soul, passion, desire to be easier,life
Wants to get your love as the rains of 
Genesis when the earth is detached 
From that unexplored mystic planet,
Xerosis of heart has the thirst of miles!