Saturday, 21 January 2012


previous night , participated the ritual by
all the virtuous heart, in the angelic
light of full moon, on the sand
bed of wild stream the bon-
fire allured the soul with
full miraculous magic,
the thirst enlarged
as density of
increased little by little, beneath the
deodar tree, in the mauve gloom,
all the desirous dreams sat
enclosing the concealed
flames of centuries,
to get proximity !
to dissolve
the body
soul, together in a way that nobody
could identify the mélange of
beauty and muscles, in the
late night fireflies had
been forgotten the
sky path, horded
on the canopy
of wild
bloom, silently the constellation of
stars, sprinkled the molecules
of blue light on the blessed
submerged corporeal
world of twin soul,
until the sunrise,
they moved
on the
labyrinth trail of fanatical love and
eventual submission - - -

Painting by Leonard Aitken