Sunday, 22 January 2012


on the edge of life, last trump doesn’t
favor destiny, that’s not a problem,
it’s painful whenever the familiar
face declines to recognize,
standing on the door
of deity often the
oblation hands
empty !
the wild river goes away leaving the -
authentic bank, the reflection
loses the space for rising
up, the water goes
down under the
sand bed, all
of devotion doesn’t work here, in that
point miracles are only the dream,
the philosophies are the mute
spectators, decision for
survival appears from
the mind, do or die,
somebody says
through the
the search for an oasis, tumbling boat
in the last minute reaches to the
edge, on the stairs of shrine,
priest looks with surprise,
he checks the meaning
of divinity in the torn
palm leaves, how
to mobilize the
truth of life,
the sailor
knows only the reality of cyclonic flow,
the thunder, clouds, crazy winds,
dust all together conspired,
invited the storm, but
again in the last
the fate
rejected their attempt to blow up life,
nothing was especial in all these
incident, actually my immortal
love to you, doesn’t permit
accept the defeat, and
that’s the secret of
survival until the
last breath,
sailing the life on the turmoil sea !