Friday, 23 August 2013


the procession of blooming season, I've -
been left over in your body and soul,
I'm not sure, how deep is your 
cognition, how much 
you've absorbed
my love - -
but my endeavor was beyond the insanity,
in your heart, in your feeling, indeed 
I've attempted to fill, the bliss,
more effectively than 
elixir ! you're -
still unborn,
or got back the palingenesis, that's the - - 
question, but I'm sure, the journey 
has crossed all limits, all the 
mystery of passionate 
recess has been 
and the
gusto level crossed all flash-point, it's time
now to back toward the origin point,
the light rain of evening, and 
my persona live, perhaps
somewhere in the 
autumn path,
now up 
to you, follow or not, everybody has its own
priority, personal compulsion, it's 
not necessary, you'll be 
with me everlasting,
the oath had 
period, and bubbles have not infinite treaty,
the natural liberty creates absolute 
inner beauty, so just keep me 
in your breath, maybe 
one day feelings
will be the 
fragrance of bloom, with celestial splendor,
* *