Wednesday, 20 April 2011


Yes, I know that life has lot of
Pain, misery, wound but my friend
Desires do not want to die premature
In the far away the delusion
Gives the wet feeling though the arid
Land hasn’t receive the drop
Of water since decades
Your love is oasis, surrounded by
Dreamy mountains, flowers
I search my existence
Sand storms having the beauty
Of unknown feeling, it reminds the
Meaning of life, the date palm
Desert cactus, thorny berries opens
The path to smile in severe depression
On the shadow of sand dunes
I found the bliss of your
Eyes, caravan has to pass, an endless
Expedition, in the midday
Intensive warmth, your charisma
Gives the coolness to create a
Dream for night, life takes
Refuge beneath your proximity
The sun is going to set far away in
The western sky, searching may be
New dawn, but my heart
Has only one destination end to you
Your waiting for me is the valuable
Object, which I couldn’t want
To lose in any cost, this eagerness
To meet you, to love you
I never think the deficient in life -----