Wednesday, 20 April 2011


It’s aurora in the midnight sky
Or mystified your flow of eyes
Nocturnal birds, flora, and fauna all
Together witnessed
The phenomenal beauty at night
The sleeping passion became
Active, meanwhile you still
Roving carelessly in the dream
Playing with waterfalls
Looking the reflection
Into the river valley
Walking on the arc of rainbow
Trying to touch the tender
Colorful dewdrops
Wearing transparent floral
Costume weaving with moonlight
Fabricated by butterflies,
Depressed moon resting on the
Teak wood tree, nobody wants to
See him tonight, the planet is
Pursuing behind you
In this miraculous moment
Your heart has been mingle
With my heart, emotions changed
The gender, in a fusion
Of feelings persona altered
The profile, became unanimous
Element it’s beyond the science
Two physiques breaths
With singular way
We transformed soul, heart every thing