Sunday, 17 April 2011


Above the swing-bridge moon risen
The wild stream covers up
Our dual shadow, beneath the waves
Nocturnal, aquatic creatures
Inhaling the milky ray, or grasping
The dreams, nobody knows
Walking on the unfamiliar way, in
Velvety darkness, suddenly
Nameless wild aroma makes mind
Bemused, in zero space, choice
Remains counting in fingers,
Do you remember, the first intimacy
The trembling touch, the inclined
Eyelashes, ashamed desire
Without sensation of lips, all the saga
Unfolded the eye contact,
Would you like to recall the earliest
That night when I proposed you
The tender closed vortex of emotion
The reason of restiveness, looking
The mirror several times, loneliness
Despite the fact that you were
Among the crowd of familiar faces
An endless silent search for me
While my heart was close to you, those
Beautiful feelings still addict you
Hence, you do not want to lose realm
Of romantics’ appeal, the glamour of
My persona, the severe obsession
The masculinity vigor, lunatic possession
I don’t know the core of that passion
That pulls you toward me repeatedly.