Monday, 13 December 2010

the beauty of soul

reflection of rainbow existed on
the wet surface of delicate heart,
its your veneration to my feelings
or you just get down from the sky

dreams are surfing like the dolphins,
embraced soundlessly from the back
its you or passionate waves to grasp
my silent but impatient heart beatings,
i am standing between the two edges

onside the ocean, another is arms,
i want to scatter all the pleasures, by
the mosaic awesome, the flow of love
the multi colors foams touching my
whole the personality,ocean is touching
the beach disparately,with tidal yearning
in your swayed arms my life becomes
 creek covered both sides by blooming
mangroves, wild aquatic rare blossoms,
how to describe the beauty of closeness,

i feel heavenly emotion in your humid
breathing, up down movement of throbbing
our love inhales the divine mystic beams,
in this junction life looks smaller, desires
defied numerous times to ethical masks,
life wants to go back the primitive era,
the strip off the rules, regulations of the
so called civilized society, caged emotion
wants times to exposed the beauty of soul-
-- shantanu sanyal